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2009-09-06 10:46:42

Our 2003 Caddy Deville gets 30 - 34+ MPG if we keep speed under 60 MPH, around 58 - 59 on open road. Have had many Caddy's over the years, all had good mileage. Depends on what kind of driver YOU are. Also, Saturn has been a beauty and inexpensive since it's conception. Saw ad on TV showing new models. They are gorgeous! Worth a "second" look for many new buyers. I have never bought, or considered a "foreign made" auto. Wouldn't have one in my driveway. Just my "small" way to show I buy "American". However, take into consideration if "Toyota" Mfgs. in USA go down, many Americans out of work!

2003 Cadillac DeVille

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