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2002 VW New Beetle 1.8T

2009-03-04 02:07:28

I am very disappointed in the quality, fit and finish, engineering and parts reliability on the New Beetle. Too may things break way too soon and costs to repair are very high. This vehicle was purchased used with 29k miles and has had regularly scheduled maintenance. Recently had the airbag warning light come on and when the dealer finally identified the cause, the cost was $450 to replace a switch (parts cost $183) in the driver side seat belt buckle and reset the airbag system. My local mechanic did not have the diagnostic tools to identify the problem so I had to take it to the dealer. Just one of many items that have failed much earlier than expected. Also, found out the cam adjuster seal is leaking; another $485 repair and apparently very common in the 1.8T engine. Costs for any repairs at the local VW dealer are prohibitive. Even replacing the battery was a major chore. It took a battery replacement center 90 minutes to figure out how to install the new battery.

2002 Volkswagen New Beetle


2009-02-25 19:05:34

must bring into dealer for everything, no way you can service yourself, not even change a rear light bulb, no dip stick to check trans, just wait for it to go out.

2002 Volkswagen New Beetle

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