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Review of 2002 Toyota Avalon

2009-05-05 21:27:52

I bought a 2002 Avalon XLS over a Camry because of the added space and comfort. At the time I had two elderly parents to transport occasionally. (Both semi-mobile) The ride in an Avalon is incredibly smooth and quiet, and the back seat room is very spacious. I just topped 100K and it still rides like a new executive vehicle. My brother drove it and his next car was an Avalon. Test drive one and you will buy one. It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven or been a passanger in. This is my third Toyota, but not my last! My next car will be an Avalon also. The Avalon lives up to and exceeds the reputation of the Toyota line of vehicles. I have done nothing to this vehicle except normal maintenance

2002 Toyota Avalon

2002 Toyota Avalon XLS 6-Passsenger

2007-09-09 11:25:56

We have owned A Toyota Camry DX, Toyota Supra,

Toyota Camry XLE. We now own our 2002 Avalon and a

2000 Toyota Camry Solara. As you can see; we love

our Toyotas! We bought the Avalon new and the Solara

used. My husband drives the Solara and I drive the

Avalon. We love the style, comfort, and quality in

all the cars we have owned. The re-sale value of the

Toyotas is superb! We hope you will give the Toyota

family of cars a test drive for yourself. We know you

will not be disappointed!

2002 Toyota Avalon

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