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why a Mercedes in my Porsche ?????

2013-01-19 23:58:21

My 911 Cab 4 only has 44000 miles and the Mercedes built Tiptronic tranny died . the car won't move forward or backwards and Porsche want $15,000.00 for a new one . The dealer said the parts to repair or rebuild it are not available thru Porsche . I wrote the President of Porsche in Germany and all they had to say was because it was out of warranty they couldn't help me . I guess buying a $90,000.00 car and having the Transmission break down with 44,000 miles is perfectly normal Thanks for the German Enginered HUGO . I am having it repaired and then GOODBYE . I shoulds have waited for the Camaro convertible to come out. Mercedes and Porsche should be ashamed . Research the web before making a major mistake like I did .

2002 Porsche 911

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