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Review of 2002 MINI Cooper

2009-09-27 18:52:02

Have had constant problems with electrical system, including the right headlight doesn't always light. It has been replaced with a completely new assemble, which Mini no longer feels responsible for. It still does not light all the time. Both window assemblys have had to be replaced.

2002 MINI Cooper

You've never had so much fun!

2008-12-15 21:20:07

The Mini gets great gas mileage and is more fun to drive than my Porsche 911! It's quick, nimble, roomy, really cute and just a blast to drive.

2002 MINI Cooper

worst new car i ever bought

2008-10-25 10:01:57

I am writing my reveiw here because some idiot wrote he's getting 40 miles to the gallon. Sorry mini's get horrible gas miage. Compared to there size and engine.Not much better than an old volkswagon. This was one of the worst cars i ever bought new. The elctronic throttle response was horrible,it ran like crap when it was cold.The a/c was moderate and did not keep the car cold. My dealer experiece was horrible and i was there so many times and each time they acted like there was no problem when in fact something was really broken. I also broke down once in it as it just quit ******* as something happened to the shift cable. Since these vehicles where made a full year in europe i figured most of the bugs would have been worked out.Boy was i wrong. The funny thing was bmw mini knew everything about this problem but did nothing about it. I will say the only good thing about the car it did handle well and was fun to drive but i don't know if it was worth the hassle of ownership. Oh and you only get about 30,000 miles out of the tires and that's rotating them regularly.If you don't rotate you'll burn up a front set in less than 10,000. It's a costly car to operate as for it's size.

2002 MINI Cooper

"Ziggin' in the Burgh"

2008-10-04 08:58:09

Just bought a pre-owned 2002 Mini Cooper with 32,000 miles. Purchased it from a Mini dealer in Pittsburgh, PA. I paid close to what the car was worth in 2002, but definitely worth it. (Resale value is very high). It has the premium, sport, and cold weather packages. It also has JCW wheels ($450.00 per wheel) and JCW checkered floor mats that spice up the interior. The car is in excellent condition and looks like it was just driven off the showroom floor. I bought the CVT auto and it take some time to get used to compared to regular automatics. I'm so glad I did, so I can play with all the bells and whistles that are in the cockpit of this amazing superior work of art. The handling of the Mini is like a very expensive sports car. I had a 2000 Porsche Boxster and this car out handles the Boxster with no problem. The exterior styling gets you looks from kids to seniors wishing they were you!!! I can go on and on, but the family (including the dog) wants to motor.

2002 MINI Cooper

I'm a Mini Mama

2008-09-28 09:37:37

I've wanted a car like this ever since I drove a friend's BMW 2002 back in the early 70's. I purchased my lovingly pre-owned 2002 Mini Cooper (chili pepper red and white with a sunroof)this past May and am in love! I couldn't believe the condition it was in and the low mileage. I thought it was the car for me after searching for many years...the perfect combination of quirky style, great performance, a gentle gas sipper and a suprisingly large front seat...my 6'4" friend says he has more leg room than in my last car, a Ford Crown Vic. I just returned from a trip driving throuth the Smokey Mountains and had the time of my life. Like they say in "Pretty Woman," It "cornered like it was on rails" and took the mountains with ease. Mini Mama, Louisville, Kentucky

2002 MINI Cooper

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