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4.0 out of 5

Very Happy W/My Ugly Little Car :)

2009-12-11 09:14:51

Purchased my 2002 Kia Rio Cinco used w/82,some miles in the summer 2009. We moved out of the city in June and I am now an hour away from work. I own an SUV that I love, but that only gets 16 - 19 mpg and HAS to have premium gas. The Rio can use 87 octane (a savings of 25 - 30 cents per gallon right there) and gets around 27 mpg for me. Runs well, handles fair. NOT a luxury car by any means, but seems to be dependable and performs. Cup holders in an awkward place and are too small. Don't mind the manual windows, but the manual door locks suck. Engine a little loud at higher speeds, but the radio volume works so it's all good. It does what I bought it to do well and I would recommend this car. I would suggest you get it in another color - the green one I have is UGLY! lol

2002 Kia Rio

Got our Money 's Worth

2007-08-11 02:35:42

Car has performed well. Had only one set of brakes repaired. Will probably recondition the car later this year as the engine still feels good. They up the price for a Rio 2007, so I might be looking elsewhere, such as the Chevy Cobolt or the Hyaundia Access. If they kept the car price under $12,000, I would have bought another one....

2002 Kia Rio

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