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Amazing Car!!!

2009-03-18 14:07:58

I purchased the car new in 2002. I have over 150k miles on the car now and it purrrrrrs like it did the day I bought it. Do the oil every 4k, get the engine checked FROM A HONDA DEALER every 25k. Take care of repairs they advise immediatly and the car will run forever. I had a Accord in high school that ran through college. I sold it at 220k miles and it too was running great. I bought a Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily -FORD) and the peice of junk was broken down so often I got fed up and sold it. I spent more time on the side of the road and in repair shops than my mind or wallet could handle. FORD IS A JUNK PRODUCT I take trips from CA to AZ all the time. This Civic runs and runs and runs well. One modification I recommend is upgrading the stereo. Purchase the INFINITY BASS BOOST SYSTEM - it's a small bass box that fits easily in the trunk - it's about 15 inches all around - so it takes up little space but provides GREAT SOUND. Upgrade the stock speakers and deck. If you want a car that will always run - get you to where you want to be - comfortable - not flashy - and always works - buy one and enjoy.

2002 Honda Civic

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