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2009-10-01 10:36:37

I bought my 2002 Taurus in 2007 with 88K miles on it. I must admit that the vehicle was very impressive until 3 months ago. While driving to work one day I crossed an intersection and immediately had no acceleration. The transmission went out without ANY warning at all. I spent the $2800 to get it fixed thinking that the car ran so well it was worth it. Since then I have had it back in the shop 7 times and I still have a problem with the front end. My tires are wearing very fast on the inside tread but the alignment is perfect. I guess new suspension is in order too. I have had this car for 2 years and put 30K miles on it and have spent $3K in repairs. Keep in mind this is not counting typical repair costs such as oil changes, brakes, etc. When it runs the way it was intended to it is great. I have great acceleration, it floats down the highway, very comfortable, a lot of power, spacious and it gets pretty good gas mileage. I get about 20MPG city and 28MPG highway with 118K miles on it. When it has problems though, it has a lot of them and they are expensive.

2002 Ford Taurus

Broken spring coils and as long as no one has died it is ok with Ford

2009-05-06 08:39:13

I have owned many Ford products and after my last Taurus will NEVER buy another Ford. My rear springs fractured shredding my tire while driving. I went online and found the issue is quite common but Ford does nothing because as I was blatently told by their "customer service" that "NO ONE HAS BEEN KILLED YET" Now my fronts are not in the best of shape and those are on recall but only after they fracture. No wonder the American car economy is in trouble. I have had electrical issues and they do not care. Nice attitude Ford!!! They made their money and the heck with the consumer.Sorry Ford Never again. By the way their Windstar was not picnic either.

2002 Ford Taurus

We Love our 2002 Tarus.

2009-04-27 11:18:33

We purchased this car used in 2007 with about 50,000 miles on it. Our model is the very top of the line with electric roof, leather seats, CD changer, and on and on. I think it has every option available including the biggest engine option. We have now had it 2 years without any trouble. I think maybe last year a shop told us we needed to replace a cv boot but having had heard that on other cars and driving them that way for another 100,000 miles plus I have ignored it. The only negitave I can say about this car is that the estimated 20 mpg in city is a bit liberal.

2002 Ford Taurus

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