XLT 4.0L FX4 4dr 4x4 Super Cab Styleside 5.75 ft. box 125.7 in. WB
2002 Ford Ranger Reviews

2002 Ranger Owner Reviews (4)

4.0 out of 5

Still 100% mechanically perfect!

AOL user 2012-01-02 20:30:49

I purchased my Ranger (2.3 L, XLT, 5 speed manual, AC but really no frills in extra equipment) new in 2002. My Ford Ranger has been totally reliable. My Ranger now has 77,000 miles and has never caused me any problems. The quality and mechanical reliability of my Ranger is the best vehicle I've ever owned. The mpg in the city has never been below 27 mpg. The mpg on highway driving has always been above 32 mpg. Before buying my Ford Ranger, I test drove the Chevy S-10, Nissan Frontier, and Toyota Tacoma and because of the price (mainly) and the larger size of the Ford Ranger of that year, I chose the Ranger and I haven't been sorry. The only negative comment I have is that a few times over the years I have inquired about trading in my Ford Ranger for a newer truck, but the trade-in value is very low. I am sure the reason is because I have the basic Ford Ranger and as the sales personnel have told me nobody wants the basic truck considering all the new technology of the newer trucks. Oh well, I will just keep my good running Ranger. My Ranger still has the original tires, brakes, water pump, alternator, starter as everything is still the original equipment. The question I have always adhered to whether to trade off a vehicle is if I feel comfortable getting in my truck and driving it across the country right now. My answer is yes with my Ranger. I perform all the preventive maintenance on my vehicles, and so I know my Ranger is in perfect running condition. Doing preventive maintenance on this Ford Ranger is extremely easy and there isn't much to do on it. I am sorry that Ford has decided to discontinue the Ranger model, because my Ford Ranger has always been totally reliable. Personally speaking, I think Ford will regret discontinuing their Ford Ranger model. This is the 2nd Ford Ranger I've purchased in my family. I purchased a 1998 Ford Ranger for my son and it too was mechanically perfect. He wishes he hadn't traded it off.

2002 Ford Ranger

The 2002 Ford Ranger

AOL user 2010-09-02 22:07:13

The ranger is a cool pickup.

2002 Ford Ranger

Just thouoght you should know

GBayle2654 2008-08-24 14:42:40

Just big enough to do stuff around the house. It averages about 17 mpg there is room for improvement the gears are 410's for the tow package the Extended Cab w 4 doors plenty of room in the cab and the pick up box is large enough for my riding lawn mower. Easy to drive easy to park.

2002 Ford Ranger

2002 Ranger xlt 4 x 2, 3 liter v-6 ext-cab

2007-09-11 10:47:18

third Ranger, most likly the last. GM 4.3 V-6, get better milage and much better towing. Fuel economy is mid teens, rare to see 19 MPG, even on long trips, with speeds under 70.

2002 Ford Ranger

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