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Review of 2002 Chevrolet Impala

2009-09-10 23:16:35

I bought this car new and have loved it since day 1, even with the problems it has had. It has had a couple of recalls which has not been a problem in itself. First time I ever had leather seats and found that I prefer cloth seats which is why I only gave the interior a good rating instead of a Very Good. Unfortunately, I have had a number of problems that has cost me over the years. The worst was the rear struts that sounded like the rear was going to bottom out any moment. GM needs to find a better way to keep the rearview mirror on the front window since I have had to have it re-attached at least five times in the past three years. There has been a few other big things, but the ones that got to me the most were the problems I would have right after I took it in to the dealer for the routine maintenance work. After having my right headlight seal popped on one maintenance visit and then the left headlight popped on the next visit, I told my husband to find a good garage to do maintenance on it because I will not take it back to FOX again. There was nothing wrong with the headlights before I went in there at either time, but of course I cannot prove it. Then, I had to take it in for another recall. Since I will not use FOX Chevrolet's service dept. anymore, I decided to try JBA. Two days after they fixed the recall, my driver side window went down by itself while I was at a doctors appt. & would not go up when I came out and found it down. I had to take it to my garage to have a new motor put in and pay for it. I was not about to take it back to a dealer again. I hope there will not be anymore recalls, because unless my garage can do it and Chevy reimburses them, it will not get fixed. I will never use the Chevy dealers again for anything. I have always been a Chevy person, but this was the last straw. I do not have the money in this ecconomy to pay for repairs that are not necessary and only caused by sabotage to make extra money from the customer.

2002 Chevrolet Impala

2002 Impala

2007-10-10 02:12:36

We have had our 2002 Impala sense it was new. It has been the best car we have ever owned and we would not ever think of trading it in for any car except for another Impala no matter what these so called writers think of the Japanese built cars.

We have around 80,000 trouble free miles on, what more can you ask for. My wife also consistently gets 27-32 MPG, not bad for a big car as this especially with the bigger V-6 motor.

2002 Chevrolet Impala

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