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2001 Toyota 4Runner

Great Vehicle

2011-03-18 13:58:02

I currently havea 2001 4 Runner with 180k miles on it. Other than regular maintenance and tires, no other work has been done on it. I love and and hope to get 400k out of it. great vehicle.

2001 Toyota 4Runner

2001 4Runner is a good buy

2008-08-02 10:31:50

I love this model. Nothing other than normal maintenance cost for this vehicle. One bad comment is rust and the bumper. I had to argue with the dealer on 'rust thru' but eventually i won and got a free bumper just before the 6 year warranty expired. I only put 10,000 miles on it a year, however it still holds up well for a 7 year old vehicle. The VSC has saved me many times and unlike many cars that reach 50,000 this one doesn't find rattles to annoy you with. Other than the bumper rust i have NO complaints with this vehicle.

2001 Toyota 4Runner

This Toyota 4Runner is the best vehicle I ever owned.

2008-07-15 22:53:52

This vehicle runs perfect. I owned a 94 Toyota pick-up with a 4cldy engine and that used more fuel than my 4Runner with the 6 engine. The 2001 4Runner I highly recomend. If you don't want to spend the big bucks for the new 4Runner, this year is a keeper, and I am sure of the other newer years you just can't go wrong. I make sure I maintain my vehicle @ all times by the maintenance book. I am postive I will get 300,00 or more out of this vehicle.

2001 Toyota 4Runner

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