2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette Reviews

2001 Silhouette New Car Test Drive


Silhouette prices look steep compared to those of other minivans, but please note that the Silhouette lineup does not include any four-cylinder or short-wheelbase models to keep the price of admission low. Every Silhouette is V6-powered. Every one, by accepted minivan standards, is an extended-wheelbase model. And even the most basic GL packs a long list of luxury equipment that most other minivans offer only as options, or not at all. If you're shopping for the absolute lowest-priced transport for the soccer team, you should probably look elsewhere. Silhouette is designed for a different kind of buyer, one who understands that interior space, efficiency, and versatility are desirable traits in a luxury vehicle. 

The highly refined Silhouette handles so well, it is actually fun to hustle one down a challenging road. Yet with its long wheelbase, Silhouette seats seven comfortably and comes with thoughtful interior touches that make trips with kids go easier. The Premiere Edition even features a state-of-the-art video entertainment system. 


Oldsmobile Silhouette is available in three models: GL, GLS and Premiere. The GL retails for $26,290, while the loaded GLS goes for $30,425. In fact, the GLS is so well-equipped that there isn't much more for the flagship Premiere ($33,225) to add, beyond a well-integrated video entertainment system for rear-seat passengers that is not available on the other models. Premiere also adds heated front seats (a boon for chilly mornings or lower back pain; they are optional on GLS), GM's new ultrasonic Parking Aid (optional on GL and GLS), and dedicated mid-row stereo speakers with their own separate controls. The only remaining options for the Premiere buyer to consider are third-row captain's chairs for $60, a gold trim package for $150, and a $100 towing package that increases pulling capability from 2000 to 3500 pounds. Northerners will appreciate an engine heater that adds a mere $35. 

The firmer-riding Touring suspension with automatic load-leveling, once exclusive to the Premiere, is now standard on all Silhouettes, as is GM's OnStar communications system. In fact, nearly two dozen items have been added to the standard-equipment list for 2001. 

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