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The Ford Escape is a dangerous vehicle.

2009-07-21 22:13:24

My daughter was killed in a Ford Escape while she was a front seat passenger. She had the driver were in a rear end crash. The seat back broke, she was thrown backward and her head hit something in the back. She died several hours later of brain injuries. In addition to the seat back breaking, the air bags did not deploy. At the time of this accident, I did a lot of internet research only to learn there had been multiple recalls on this vehicle.

2001 Ford Escape

2001 ESCAPE 4x4

2009-04-22 08:10:24

i purchased my escape used in 2005 It has been a GREAT little car i use it for everything leasure/work/part time truck it has only let me down 1 time and that was nothing major (fuel pump) When it comes time to replace it (after i put ANOTHER 100,000 miles on it I will be looking for another one you cannt find a more versital vehicle.

2001 Ford Escape

Love my Car

2007-09-11 10:44:00

I have the bright yellow, we call her the Tweety Moblie and I would never buy another car except the escape, it's easy to drive, get in and out of, plenty of leg room even for my husband (6'1") and easy to get foster children in and out of car seats. Great for vacations and it handles nice in the show when we go up home during the winter. How can I say more, except we have not maintance problem with it since we bought except the normal stuff, oil change tires and brakes. Great Car

2001 Ford Escape

Review of 2001 Ford Escape

2007-08-11 12:00:00


2001 Ford Escape

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