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5.0 out of 5

Nothing Like A Rear Driver !!

2007-10-08 05:24:15

I glanced at the New Fords as I drove by the local dealership. Was that a differential hump I saw? I had to stop. I had been looking for a new car for some time but most were Front Drivers. Sure enough, a drive shaft and even real dual exhaust, not a single pipe split at the rear like my 1990 IROC-Z convertable.Give me the keys and a dealer plate, I really WANT to test drive this one. The first thing I noticed was the ease in maneuvering around the new car lot. My 3/4 XTra cab with 4 wheel drive has the turning radius of a 747. Nice highway ride but the thing that surprised me most was the way it handled out in the boonies.It has the performance and handling package with air shocks and what not, put the IROC with its ZR50's to shame.I remembered seeing some of these Fords at a city auction with 180,000 miles on them.My next door neighbor is a local Police Sergeant and drives one a work. " Darn near bullet-proof was the way he described the car. I've had the car for 61/2 years now and it's one of the few purchases I've made that , even at this late date, I still enjoy each time I drive.

2001 Ford Crown Victoria

Love my Crown Vic

2007-10-08 03:51:51

I own a 2001 Crown Vic. It still gets 25-27 MPG on the Hwy and 19MPG around town.... With 87,000 miles on it, it burns no oil and it is still a rocket ship. The ride is so smooth many cant believe it is a bargain model sedan. With its limo dark tint, it is comfortable in the summer with fantastic AC. When it rolls to around 100,000 miles, I will consider the current model Crown Vic.....

2001 Ford Crown Victoria

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