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Dodoge trucks are awesome!

2008-08-24 13:29:56

I bought the 2001 4x4 club cab and I am still loving my truck! I have 176,000 miles on it and all i ever did to my truck was tires, oil changes, a new battery , 3 sets of rotors, and 1 tune up. I pull a horse trailer ( have the heavy duty engine/coolant system) and it pulls like a dream. When i finally retire this truck, I will buy another Dakota as I have never been happier. We also own the 2005 Rumblebee, and that truck has had more issues then my Dakota. I shopped for a solid truck for over 6 months before I bought, and I was well rewarded. I hope Dodge continues to make an awesome and affordable 4x4 that us girls will love to drive. Please don't make it look like a Chevy!! I have a manual transmission, so the cup holder is in a bad place, and aside from a little oxidized paint, my truck is still the bomb! I will e-mail Dodge when we turn 200K in mileage!

2001 Dodge Dakota

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