2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Reviews

2001 PT Cruiser New Car Test Drive


There's nothing on the road quite like Chrysler's new PT Cruiser, and that's a big part of its fun. Is it a hot rod, a little panel van or a uniquely styled compact car? People from all walks and stations want a better look, intrigued by the Cruiser's difficult-to-define character. 

Yet the really great thing about the PT Cruiser is its combination of practicality and a reasonable price. Chrysler turned the automotive industry on its ear when it launched the Dodge Viper and Plymouth Prowler. Those cars showcased Chrysler's design trends. Viper and Prowler are great cars for serious enthusiasts who don't mind making a few sacrifices in terms of comfort and convenience. But, in a way, the PT Cruiser is even more exciting because it's a real car suitable for everyday use by everyday people. It's almost as much fun to drive as it is to be seen in, and it has more people and cargo hauling flexibility than the typical sport-utility vehicle, in a surprisingly compact, economical package. 


One of the great attractions to the PT Cruiser is its affordability: It starts at just $16,500-including the destination charge-and comes equipped with air conditioning, power windows, rear defroster and wiper, six-speaker AM-FM cassette and 15-inch wheels. 

There's also a Limited Edition model for $20,685 (including destination charge), which comes equipped with just about everything: leather upholstery, side-impact airbags, glass sunroof and chromed 16-inch alloy wheels. 

Options include four-wheel antilock disc brakes with traction control, an automatic transmission, 16-inch painted aluminum wheels, engine block heater, CD changer and a roof rack. 

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