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2011-01-14 10:16:06

I love my X5 4.4L V8 however, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be fixed . $400-$500 every time is getting to be a bit much, not to mention the time it takes me to take it down to the dealership. I have just turned over 70K miles but this has been on going. I have had other vehicles ( Nisson, Toyotas,Hondas), and never had even close to the amount of repairs as I am having with the BMW. I sold my Nisson at 178K and it was still running perfect..only replaced the brakes and standard minimal things.Really didn't have any troubles with the others. Everytime (1 x a month at least) I swear I'm going to sell my BMW, but it drives so nice.. the last time I took it in I had to wait 3 days cuz the repair shop at the BMW dealership was swamped with cars being repaired!! Has anyone else notice this? or do all BMW owners just get new cars every couple of years?

2001 BMW X5

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