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Luxury well blended with scorching performance

2007-07-28 12:29:00

I was a Corvette guy for play and a Grand Cherokee for business. A bad lower back was making both cars a problem notwithstanding good, multi-position leather seats in both. The M5 was my answer...comfortable, supportive seats, great looks with lots of room yet quicker than a Vette roadster. You quickly forget the M5 has four doors as the body is tight and solid. The engine is the most responsive performance mill I have ever driven yet quite suitable for street driving and traffic if needed. The suspension is on the taut side and is probably the one thing I would change...other than the silly cupholders that plague most German cars...to one that is truly adjustable to meet road conditions. Repairs are not cheap when needed but there have not been many and BMW stands behind their product in a more than fair manner if unusual problems develop. Having put 70K miles on the car in six years, I will be driving it happily for a long time.

2001 BMW M5

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