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3.5 out of 5

2001 BMW 740i M Sport Package

2016-09-15 20:52:29

I have owned my 2001 BMW 740I M sport package for over 3 years now. I bought the car with 105,000 miles and it now has just under 130K I have learned everything to learn about this car. It drives and handles like a dream. Firm but forgiving suspension, great Bullet proof DOHC V8, buttery smooth shifts from the transmission even after all these miles. The ONLY things I have had to repair have been 3 radiator hoses, Alternator(it was over 7 years old) and the power steering pump(the pump did not break, a screw came loose and cause the pully to bend on the pump prompting me to replace instead of repair) I can not write enough praise I have for this car. With massive staggered tires and a 50.2/49.8 weight distribution the car is just a breeze to drive and can launch like a bat outta hell. I do not go easy on my car, I plan to keep it till it dies (my estimation puts it to 200K+ miles) as long as you take care of the car, it'll take car of you. And BESIDES I paid only $3,500 for this car, which means I have no monthly payments, so the money I save month to month can be put away for maintenance costs down the road. 10/10 would buy again.

2001 BMW 740

Expensive to own

2009-04-03 00:53:56

Gas pump, alternator, power steering *********** pump, transmission, on and on, the most trouble prone car I have ever owned, so much for German engineering. More repairs per mile than all my other autos. Great ride, comfort, but not reliable. two fords, a chevy, and a lexus outperformed this dud. Trouble starts at 80,000 miles and there is no relief from there. Certain components fail like clockwork, and each is an expensive repair. These are not wear and tear repairs.

2001 BMW 740

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