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5.0 out of 5

just bought a 2001 540i

2011-10-24 22:59:51

I just had the good fortune of getting a deal on a 2001 BMW 540i with the sport package and a 6 speed manual trans for a great price. It came with new tires, one of which had a bubble--(conti extreme 255/40 17) but was fixed under warranty. This car is impressive to drive. More power than any car of this size I've ever driven, and that includes E-type Jags and Vettes. You're going 85 before you look down at the speedometer. But it has manners, and can be driven in a civilized way...it just takes a little practice. Mine has a complete service history, is in great shape, and has only 80K miles, I would look out for upper control arms, water pumps, and tire condition (tells you about the driver). These cars are easy to spank, and it's always a temptation to push the limits. If the car has been babied, it's a great car. ********* out for the weekend racers. In the future, I'll keep adding my comments and observations about my experiences of ownership of a Bavarian muscle car.

2001 BMW 540

2001 BMW 540i 6-spd

2010-05-19 21:12:23

The thing that is most striking about this car is that it is nearly perfect. It is incredibly beautiful, comfortable, ergonomic, fast and quiet. It cost something north of USD $50k when new, and it drove the first owner crazy with warranty service. But now it has 50k miles on it, it is in mint condition inside and out, and all the well-known foibles of the E39 have been addressed by the previous owner. These are the salad days -- the time period when the car is as good as new, but has all the irritating failures behind it. I figure that it has another 50k before the really horrible expenses start to kick in. But the big picture is, I paid $13k for a $50k car that is in showroom condition -- and I probably overpaid. The fact is that the public is afraid of the BMW 540i, because it is a V8 like the 7-series, and when things go wrong, it inevitably costs $2000. So you can hardly give these things away these days. However, there are a lot of $2000 repairs to incur before this splendid car will cost me as much as a Toyota Camry, which it would absolutely blow off the road. And it gets around 28 MPG on long highway trips. Around town in mixed driving I get 23 MPG. Not bad for a huge, heavy V8 monster with nearly 300 HP. If you are looking for one of the finest sedans ever made, find one of these in perfect condition (often they are owned by enthusiasts who maintain them immaculately), and just eat the maintenance costs as they occur. You will NEVER regret it. If you are more cautious, aim for the 530, which has a more reliable 6 cyl engine, and is generally easier to maintain. But the quality and incredible driver feel of this car makes it worth owning, and the classic lines of the E39 (1997-2003) 5-series in my opinion are far more beautiful than anything BMW has produced since.

2001 BMW 540

Solid, great looking and every day fun car

2009-04-10 13:40:52

I purchased my BMW new in Dec 2000. I had not expected to still be driving the car, but I truly love it and do not see the need. It does not have all the gadgets a 2009 car has, but it has really everything you need: Performance, Great Effeciency for a V8 vehicle, Style, Reliability and Security. As far as issues, they have been minor. I had a couple of recall/warranty repairs done - interior cooling system defect. The one major repair I had was went it reached 105k. A sense/chip in the enginer was mulfuntioning, definitely affecting the performance of the vehicle. It ran fine, but it was not the same 540i I was used to. I have had all repairs done at the dealer to make absolutely sure it is taken care off right. THe one major bill for repair of the sensors, water pump, radiator I had to do all at once since they were worn or ready for replacement. It cost me $2500. It hurt, but since I did it two years ago, the car performs like it has during its younger years. Right the car is at about 137k, and run really well. High accelaration, stopping, handling, and smooth riding is all there. New tires of course help. As most BMW 540i owners would testify, the cup holder is poor, and that has also been replace ($50). I have the 540i 6 speed sport, and uses wider tires in the back. It sticks to the road great and is very well balanced. The price you pay is not being able to rotate the tires, which causes them to wear at 18-25k miles, based on my experience. It is a must to keep the tires at the correct pressure. Love it. Driving it until I get bored with its performance or until it is done. That will probably a long time from now.

2001 BMW 540

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