2000 Volvo C70 Reviews

2000 C70 New Car Test Drive


In 'Kramer versus Kramer,' the ad guy played by Dustin Hoffman came up with a slogan for his big car account: 'Boxy but good.' That used to describe Volvos perfectly. No longer. Things are changing at Volvo, and they're changing for the better. Gone is the traditional square styling. And now that the Swedish manufacturer is owned and backed by Ford, Volvo has recently launched a host of new models. There's a new line of smaller cars (the S40 sedan and V40 wagon) and a svelte new S80 luxury sedan. And redesigned line-up of V70 wagons is on its way. 

The sleek C70 Coupe and C70 Convertible personify these exciting changes at Volvo. The C70 has surely caught your eye. It swings Volvo's image from stodgy Scandinavian to sexy Swede. And the joys of the C70 models go well beyond styling. Their smooth, powerful engines, taut suspensions and crisp steering deliver superb performance that should appeal to enthusiast drivers. 


The C70 is available as both Coupe and Convertible. And two engines are available. Launched as a totally new model line for 1999, there are no significant changes for 2000. 

Two versions of the transverse-mounted, turbocharged, all-aluminum inline five-cylinder engine are available. The standard 2.4-liter Low Pressure Turbo (LT) puts out 190 horsepower through a four-speed automatic transmission. A $2000 premium over the base price buys a 236-horsepower 2.3-liter High Pressure Turbo (HT) with a five-speed manual. 

Retail prices: Convertible LT ($43,500); Convertible HT ($45,500); Coupe LT ($34,000); Coupe HT ($39,000). The Low Pressure Turbo models come standard with an automatic. High Pressure Turbo models come standard with a five-speed manual; the automatic adds $1,000 to High Pressure Turbo models. 

C70 Coupes are structured the same way, but at a much lower price point: Coupe LT ($34,000); Coupe HT ($39,000). 

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