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Excellent Car!

2012-08-01 17:35:01

Back in August 2000, my mother had bought this car brand new. And ever since then, it hasn't had any problems or anything... I inherited this car at the age of 16. This car is a very amazing, and probably one of the most UNDERRATED cars ever. The exterior stands out. Everyone can recognize this unique car... and I've had positive comments about the exterior. Now, the performance, granted it's not a sports car, but it drives a little slow... like a buggy. But that's understandable. Comfort-wise, I can fit comfortably and fine... as my spine is perfectly aligned with the seats, but my passengers can't fit in cramped places. All in all though, this car is definitely a great car for first car owners, and it is an excellent car for college students and anybody in particular. The only issue is the lack of parts to be found for this car, just because these cars are so durable, you can't find one in a junkyard. And that's a fact.

2000 Toyota RAV4

Review of 2000 Toyota RAV4

2008-11-04 15:49:46

2000 Toyota RAV4

RAV4 L 2000 blk/blk leather interior 4d

2008-10-03 23:03:19

I bought this car because I wanted a pickup. I didn't test drive, just bought it. This has been a very reliable car with small issues. I babied it in the bigging, but now drive over 100 commuter miles a week and it's a workhorse. No matter what I've put it through it still performs. Gas mileage is still exceptional. I recently had some minor cosmetics done to the exterior and have been approached several times to buy it. Dealer says I should get 300,000 miles on it. Already has 145,000. With gas prices where they are, won't be selling this baby!

2000 Toyota RAV4

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