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Still love it after all this time ~~~ The view! The view!

2010-03-09 00:58:47

Beautiful black 2000 4-Runner with sunroof/moonroof... Wonderful 10 yr. performance! Even after my husband hit a deer with it (on the passenger side). Sigh! Love being up high and feeling safe...yes, I know it doesn't have side airbags. But my 1st car was a Pinto and well...let's just say an angel was watching over me! Now, at 52, with a 10 yr old son...nothing is more important than safety. Not even gas mileage! I'm a nurse and I've seen the results of accidents involving small vehicles. Not pretty...Usually, the big dude wins. God bless... It's still amazing how much farther you can see down the road to avoid accidents and crazies. Only problem now is me! More difficult to climb up into the driver's seat with a herniated disc and a bum lft. knee. Well, somebody's got to be an RN... Three small problems with the vehicle. Had to replace the brake pads 3 times. Not the smoothest ride ever and the electric windows tend to age and act-up after about 5-6 years. All the best!

2000 Toyota 4Runner

Review of 2000 Toyota 4Runner

2009-11-08 04:29:28

We traded in our 2000 4-Runner only because it was 8 years old. This was the first time that we bought a new car without having to. We never had to have anything done to the 4-Runner than buying new tires. We had it serviced according to recommendations. We only hope that the new Highlander will be as reliable as the 4-Runner. Our only complaint was that it was a little uncomfortable to fit 3 adults into the second seat.

2000 Toyota 4Runner

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