2000 Nissan Maxima Reviews

2000 Maxima New Car Test Drive


The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry may be the best mid-size cars for the masses, but the new Nissan Maxima is arguably the best in its class for those who view cars as more than transportation appliances. 

Totally redesigned and re-engineered, this fifth-generation Maxima is being introduced as a 2000 model. Its free-revving V6 puts out 222 horsepower, its rigid new chassis comes with a sports suspension, four-wheel disc brakes and high-performance tires, and a five-speed manual gearbox is available for driving enthusiasts. 

Sporty new styling replaces the bland sheet metal of the previous generation. This new Maxima is practical as well, with roomier front seats and a bigger trunk than the Accord and Camry. 

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