2000 Nissan Frontier Reviews

2000 Frontier New Car Test Drive


With a full range of body styles, Nissan's Frontier offers something for just about anyone who needs a compact pickup truck: The Regular Cab Frontier is perfect for budget-conscious people more interested in cargo space than interior space. The King Cab is a good solution for people who want the added room of a traditional extended cab. And the new Crew Cab might be the right truck for families with small children or for people who just want more interior space for stuff. 

While they have long been available in other parts of the world, the Frontier Crew Cab was first compact pick-up sold in the U.S. with four forward-swinging doors. (Dodge soon followed with its Dakota QuadCab.) The Frontier Crew Cab doesn't have the interior room you find in the average SUV, but it does have more inside space than the average extended-cab compact pickup. Nissan's Crew Cab back seat is an improvement over the jump seats found in extended cabs, too. 


Frontier replaced the Nissan Hardbody nameplate in the 1998 model year. All body styles are available in a basic XE trim package. On King Cabs and Crew Cabs you can opt for the sporty and luxurious SE package, which includes air conditioning, six-speaker AM/FM/CD stereo, leather wrapped steering steel and shifter knob, color-keyed trim, and much more. 

Two new models are new for the 2000 model year, the Crew Cab and the Desert Runner. The Desert Runner is a 2WD King Cab that has the same chassis, ground clearance, and track as a 4WD model. (Both the Desert Runner and Toyota's PreRunner-another 2WD with offroad suspension and stance-take their names and inspiration from specialized 2WD trucks that offroad racers use to pre-run desert races.) XE Desert Runners start at $15,740. 

The base Frontier is a 2WD Regular Cab that employs Nissan's 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. It starts at $11,590, but it's pretty basic. For an extra $549 you can get the Value Truck package that adds air conditioning, chrome bumpers, chrome grille, and an AM/FM/cassette four-speaker stereo. You can add a more extensive $949 Value Truck package to the XE King Cab 4X2 ($13,540). This package adds alloy wheels, sliding rear window, flip-down cargo light, and privacy glass. 

Crew Cabs and most King Cabs come with a more powerful 3.3-liter V6. The Crew Cab is available in 2WD and 4WD models. Like the Desert Runner, 2WD Crew Cabs have the look and stance of a 4WD truck. The offroad appearance is enhanced in the Crew Cab SE ($18,590) with 16-inch tires. 

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