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2000 Merc - American Classic

2009-09-25 21:56:45

Last Merc I owned was a 1954 and I really like it. Found a 2000 Grand Marquis with only 12k miles and bought it. Great interior and exterior quality and somewhat dated body style. Mine has the dual exhaust 4.6 liter V-8 and it moves out nicely but isn't a dragster. Fuel economy isn't great around town but does very well, 20-25 on highway. Lots of room inside and just about all the bells and whistles of a Lincoln. Very nice ride although a little harsh over rough roads since it has the heavy-duty suspension. Great safety rating and four wheel disc brakes stop this large car quickly and straight as an arrow. Huge trunk. Now has 42k miles and no problems other than battery replacement. Highly recommend.

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis


2007-09-28 08:15:00

first of all, i have never owned a ford product, i always went with the other big two american companys, now i see, what a waste that was.this 2000 year modle, just blew me away, i mean, it is so quiet, and so very comfortable, and pick-up?, wow, i can spin the tires, and fuel?, the fuel range on this car is twice as good as anything i have ever owned, and i have owened nothing but big cars and trucks, no jap crap here.The transmission was the first thing i noticed, at first i thought it was broken, or i did not have one, i never in my life had had such a quiet and i mean QUIET, transmission, the changeing of the gears, i never heard.and smooth?, oh, it is so very smooth in the shifting that you could carry open coffee on the dash, and never spill a drop.i have asked myself so many times, "what the heck have you been doing?", this merc is fantastic, and if this is the bottom end of the merc line, i just have to get a lincoln, this car is a roit to drive, ya sure, i am over sixty, and i see the yoots out there give me the "senior look,lol.", then i blow there doors off, lol.i am not done with this car, and will buy more of them, only if i had known!

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

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