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5.0 out of 5

best car I ever owned

2009-03-07 17:13:50

Bought it used with 35K miles. Now have 220K miles. Still looks and drives great. Lexus now just has soccer mom colors for its SUVs. In my opinion this polo green suv looks better than any of the new Lexus SUVs. I love it and I hope it never quits. With 220K miles I still don't use a teaspoon of oil between 6K oil changes. I have changed oil and rotated tires every 6K from the day I owned it. I drive it across corn fields and down the highway. ******* and it looks like new. Fantastic paint job that has held up incredibly over the years. I'll probably never have a car/truck that I love as much as I do this one. I get 15 mpg no matter what I do, city, highway, mixed. Once I got 18 mpg with an all highway trip, but that was unusual. I've done major tuneups at 100K intervals, but other than oil changes and tires, that's it.

2000 Lexus LX 470

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