XL 4x4 SD Crew Cab 172.4 in. WB DRW HD
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2000 F-350 4dr dualy 4x4 7.3 diesel-Auto

affordaqualand 2010-09-13 22:50:42

270k miles on her, she has everything TV's including fridge & power everything even a fold out sleeper back seat,use Bio-fuel & helps keep my oil cleaner, w/270k miles engine is strong as ever (also have 2000 F-250 see my review)as mentioned made mistake salesman talked me into '05 6.0 worst truck ever! Sold 6.0- 1/2 a yr later whew!At the time dealership offered me $8000. for my dualy,so said 'NO' I'd sell her myself LUCKLY at the time didn't 'push' selling HER. Now, People have offered me $18k just this yr for this truck, others have told me how upset they are for selling thier 7.3!Thought It would be a good idea to do review of best Truck made!Do change the air-exhuast exchange & added adjustable chip, wow what a truck & motor combo!

2000 Ford F-350

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