2000 Ford Excursion Reviews

2000 Excursion New Car Test Drive


Everyone likes to joke about the new Ford Excursion. It is, indeed, the biggest sport-utility vehicle on a planet chock full of SUVs. Its size has drawn sharp criticism from some quarters, charging it with lackluster fuel economy. But the Excursion is no larger than the hundreds of thousands of Ford Super Duty pickups that share its platform. And there are, indeed, some folks who can put a giant sport-utility vehicle to use. They tow heavy trailers, haul bunches of people and move acres of cargo. So who are we to judge? We're here to evaluate, not judge. Besides, we like the Excursion. 

Ford did an excellent job on this vehicle. It rides impressively well for a three-quarter ton truck. It is capable of carrying an enormous amount of cargo. Six people and their baggage can travel in supreme comfort; eight or nine people can be belted in when necessary. Best of all, the Excursion provides an exceedingly stable platform for pulling trailers of up to 10,000 pounds. 


Ford's new Excursion comes in two levels of trim, XLT and Limited. XLT sports a nice cloth interior with comfortable seats that offer good support for long drives and a high level of standard equipment. The Limited trim adds leather and a few more goodies that are optional on the XLT. 

Three engines are available, a V8, a V10 and a diesel. And, of course, there's a choice of two- or four-wheel drive. The base XLT 4x2 retails for $34,135. We drove a $37,450 XLT 4x4 with the V10. The diesel adds about $4,000 to the bottom line. 

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