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Excellent Car / Lots of Car for the $$

2007-11-01 10:22:07

I currrently own a 2000 Crown Vic. I bought it used with 36K on the odometer. All it needed was brakes and tires. I purchased 4 new GoodYear Triple Tread tires. I shopped around for them and found the best price was from my local Ford dealer and not at a GoodYear store. The dealer sold them for $15 less per tire and I also go a free Apple I -Pod witht he purchase. They stick like glue and gives the big 4 door sedan a fantastic ride.

The Crown Vic runs on regular but has better acceleration when running premium, it will happily run on regular and does not ping under load or on a hot day.

I recently changed over to full synthetic oil and did a air filter change. I keep the tires inflated to 33 PSI and average 20 miles to the gallon going 14 miles to work one way in on local roads.

The stereo is pretty good and the ride is excellent, not too firm and not soft, it handles surprising well for such a big car. Once rolling along the car has excellent acceleration if you punch it at around 40-50mph. It has a very small V-8, 4.6litre but puts out almost 300 FT LBS of torque and about 225 HP.

My car has the single exhaust, I am sure the dual exhaust version is probably a tad more powerful but you probably don't get the same mileage and the single exhaust model.

I too learned that for 2008 Ford has decided to not offer the Crown Vic to the public, though they are still produced for fleets, such as police and Taxis,.

I found many 2007 used models on line, selling for a fraction of the original msrp. One example was a 2007 model with 9k miles, selling for 14,999. Where the hell else are you going to find such a great car, with 2 years left on the warranty for that price.

The demise of the Crown Vic is indeed sad, first GM drops the Caprice and Impala rear wheel drive, not Ford follows suit years later. At least there is still the Grand Marquis, which can be purchased with apolice package.

Luckily there is still the Grand Marquis !!!!!

2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Good Bye Ford

2007-09-24 06:30:04

What is Ford thinking? The best car ford has ever made! Now it will be no more! Well if I can't get a Crown Vic then I guess there will be no more Fords for me. No wonder the the american car market is going to pot.

2000 Ford Crown Victoria

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