2000 Dodge Avenger Reviews

2000 Avenger New Car Test Drive

The following review is for a 1999 Model Year. There may be minor changes to current model you are looking at.


Sport coupe buyers often want the best of both worlds. They yearn for a car that projects a sporty image and comes on strong on twisting country roads, a car that can speed them out of a jam on crowded freeways. But they aren't always willing to accept a rocky ride. And they don't want to shoehorn family members into a tiny back seat with their knees tucked up under their chins. So they may be willing to sacrifice a little performance in exchange for interior room and a nicer ride. And if they can get out the door for under $25,000, so much the better. 

The engineers at Chrysler had those buyers in mind when they designed the Dodge Avenger, and its cousin, the Chrysler Sebring Coupe. 

The Avenger delivers a smoother and quieter ride than cramped road rockets, such as the Mitsubishi Eclipse. There's ample legroom in front and a back seat that's big enough to keep folks from getting on each other's nerves on long weekend hauls. Yet, there's also a firm suspension and grippy tires to provide entertainment value on back roads. 

Chrysler introduced the Avenger as a 1995 model. For 1999, the company has added next-generation dual air bags and two new colors, plum and shark blue. 

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