2000 Chrysler Sebring Reviews

2000 Sebring New Car Test Drive


Chrysler's Sebring Convertible continues to be America's best-selling convertible. Its styling lends a European elegance that doesn't seem to grow old. It's one of the roomiest convertibles available, with plenty of legroom for four to travel in comfort. Putting the top up or down is a press of a button. 

So it's not hard to see why the Sebring Convertible still outsells such venerable ragtops as the Mustang and Camaro. 

Dozens of refinements have been added to the Sebring Convertible in the past few years. For 2000, Chrysler has reworked the sound insulation package throughout the car re-tuned the rear suspension to improve ride quality. 


Three models are available: JX, JXi and JXi Limited. They all come with Chrysler's 2.5-liter V6 engine and automatic transmission. Together, these three models command nearly a third of the convertible market. It doesn't seem fair to describe the entry-level JX as a base model, because it comes standard with cruise control, power everything and many amenities - though not as many as the generously appointed JXi and JXi Limited. The JX is priced at $24,790, the JXi at $27,105 and the JXi Limited at $28,995 (including $545 destination charge). 

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