2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Reviews

2000 Monte Carlo New Car Test Drive


One of the flaps during the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup racing season was that Chevrolet produced this all-new Monte Carlo SS well in time for the season, but wasn't allowed to race it. After close inspection, race officials told Chevrolet that the car could not be raced until the beginning of the 2000 Winston Cup season in February at Daytona. The reason? It may have been because this car is so good in the wind tunnel that NASCAR had to re-think its rules package. 

The Monte Carlo you're looking at is a production car in race-designed body shell. All new from the ground up, it's shape is designed for winning Winston Cup races at America's superspeedways. 

It's also the replacement for the best-selling midsize coupe in the United States. So it has two important jobs to do for Chevrolet. 


A five-passenger coupe, the Monte Carlo comes only in two flavors: the LS for the non-racing crowd and the SS for the racing fans. Two different V6 engines are used, a 3.4-liter for the LS and a 3.8-liter for the SS. Both get a 4-speed automatic. There are also some differences in trim, equipment, and tire and wheel packages. LS retails for $19,290, while the SS is priced at $21,735. 

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