2000 Cadillac Eldorado Reviews

2000 Eldorado New Car Test Drive


Cadillac Eldorado is powerful and luxurious. The moment you settle into it you know you're in a Cadillac. The interior practically shouts big, lavish and grandiose. Slam the throttle down and a different breed of Cadillac springs to life. The Eldorado takes off aggressively, surprising you with its vigor. 

For 2000, Cadillac has improved its Northstar V8 for lower emissions. Eldorado Touring Coupe gets a new set of wheels this year and replaces chrome with sporty body-colored trim. The ETC logo is revised, while the standard Eldorado has been renamed Eldorado Sport Coupe, or ESC. 


Two models are available: Eldorado Sport Coupe (ESC) and Eldorado Touring Coupe. ESC retails for $39,120, while ETC goes for $42,695. 

The Eldorado Sport Coupe is equipped with the Northstar V8 rated at 275 horsepower. The Eldorado Touring Coupe is furnished with a sport-tuned version of the same engine rated at 300 horsepower. All Eldorados come equipped with an excellent Hydra-matic four-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly. 

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