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Beyond Trustworthy

2018-09-17 19:35:21

I am the second or 3rd owner of my car, it was about 230k miles on it, and I've had it about 8 years. This car had Never failed me even though I accidently turned it into a submarine. Water all the way up to the door windows, I was so angry with myself I used cuss words I didn't know existed. Thankfully this car has a safety feature that cuz the power and nothing except the drivers side seat motor died. I had it towed home and after about a week of drying the car put we had it towed to a repair place to flush all the fluids (cost like $50) and she started up like a boss! The only reason I don't give this 5 stars is cuz of the gas milage. It's not a hog, but it's no hybrid either. She rides very quiet, it's roomy (I'm 6ft and all the men in my family are 6'4+ and everyone has used it at one point or another. I wish I could rate half points cuz I would say 4.5 stars easy.

2000 Buick Regal

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