1999 Volvo C70 Reviews

1999 C70 New Car Test Drive


Things are happening at Volvo. You may have noticed a plethora of all-new models. And they aren't square any more. There's a new line of wagons, including the aggressive V70 XC AWD Cross Country, and there's a sleek new C70 Coupe. 

But we're here to talk about the Volvo C70 Convertible. If the other new Volvos haven't caught your eye, this one surely will. 

Like the C70 Coupe, the C70 Convertible swings Volvo's image from stodgy Scandinavian to sexy Swede. While the styling is exciting, the new C70 models go well beyond that. They offer superb performance that should appeal to enthusiast drivers. Smooth, powerful engines provide impressive acceleration, while taut suspensions and direct steering deliver crisp handling. 

But the Convertible is more than a C70 Coupe with its top cut off. For starters, it comes with a light-pressure turbocharged engine that's tuned differently from that of the C70 Coupe's turbo. All C70 Convertibles come with a four-speed automatic transmission. To enhance safety, Volvo engineers have designed a unique rollover protection system for the Convertible. 

The C70 Convertible was launched in July as a 1998 model, but it is for all practical purposes a 1999 model. We don't expect any changes until at least the 2000 model year. 

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