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2016-04-17 15:14:11

I bought my dream car, a Toyota CAmry 1998 XLE, thinking my driver's license would be taken away or I would die before the carwas too old. I am now 86 & dtill driving, although not at night any more nor long distances, 200 miles is about my limit now.My Camry has been diligently maintained, not hourse in a garage. The belts finally had to be replaced two years ago. Not too bad.A new muffler this past January, first replacement. Also the second battery replacement (3rd battery total). My car just truned 100000 miles the fall of 2015. Who could be happier ? Me

1999 Toyota Camry

To the Big Three...

2008-12-15 13:40:39

It's the quality, Stupid!!! We still own and drive a 1990 Camry, a 1996 Toyota pickup and a 1999 Toyota Avalon and they're still going strong. Can anyone say that about their american mades? I seriously doubt it. You couldn't give me an american made because they're crap. When people try to shame me for buying "foreign", I tell them when the big 3 makes quality, then I'll buy american. I choose NOT to spend half my time in a repair shop.

1999 Toyota Camry

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