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2008-12-20 05:06:31

First off, its a Jeep! It is NOT a 'luxo' Mall Cruiser, like some other brands that consider 'off road' to be anythig other that pavement, such as the berm of the road. Out of the box, the Sahara series is better fitted for the average Joe to use for all types of weather, as well as general off road use. The newer RUBICON models have locking differentials, heavier duty components such as suspension, tires, clutch and so on. Fit and finish is lacking compared to the luxo boys, but the price reflects this. Repairs are less complex than many others. Above all, DO NOT confuse a Jeep with a SUV or any of the other 'cross-over' vehicles that have some foul weather features like all wheel drive, which is NOT the same as 'four wheel drive'. It is also NOT a 'Hummer", which also bears no resemblance to the military version it once had. The Jeep is used to rescue Hummers that unknowing owners have over challenged somehow, especially now that most Hummers are in reality a pickup truck with a trim package. I still use my Sahara as a daily driver, get 18+ MPG, and as we live on the side of a mountain, have never walked up having parked at the bottom if anything but a heavy frost is expected. I just drive up and down in all typed of weather. I guess you can tell I am a satisfied customer.

1999 Jeep Wrangler

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