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3.0 out of 5

1999 Limited

WhozExcellent 2008-12-22 00:22:13

I have always wanted a Jeep Cherokee. They look nice, rough, and they are eye catcher's clean or dirty. Now, I have had it for 3 years. I bought it with 75,000 and as of 12/2008 120,000. I'm military, so I'm always both on and off road. I did my homework prior to the purchase of my Jeep "C" Limited. In fact, I didn't find anything negative, other than the gas usage. That being said, I just spent $1000 on the blend door assembly. For some reason, Jeep/Chrsler didn't recall this. The 99-2004 models have this similar problem. The blend door assembly, which is located in the dash needed to be replaced. Surprisingly, it took 12hrs to fix. I also had to repair my brakes and disc because they were warped. After delving into these issues, I found that it wasn't my driving, they're problems that just happen. Faulty design. However, I drive my Jeep, and now that I am safe, and will never get stuck. I am driving a tank. I live in PA, and when it snow/ice-everyone else is stuck and I'm pulling over helping. Overall, I love my Jeep, just pissed that the blend door assembly, which regulates heat was so freaking expensive. Actually, It was like driving an ice box around til i fixed it. If you buy one, you'll love it, but know, gas isn't cheap and neither are the repairs. Think about it, what car repair is cheap? Hope this helped. Feel free to drop a line. whozexcellent at aol dot com

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Do yourself a favor and buy an Explorer instead...

Lostie78 2008-12-16 15:40:18

Take it from a guy who has to sell 8-10 of these each month, the 99-03 models are so problematic you'll need a second job just to keep up with the repairs. No, the engine and transmission will probably never go bad on you. Yes, everything else that you can imagine going wrong in a car will go wrong, both early and often. The earlier models (pre-1999) are exceptional vehicles well worth the initial cost. Steer clear of anything later than that both in the straight-6 and V8. I no longer allow my customers to purchase these without purchasing an extended comprehensive warranty along with it. Sure I lose sales because of that ******* better than picking up the phone five times a day to angry customers. Go with the more affordable and reliable Explorer instead. The 4.0L Explorers won't leave you stranded and they'll probably keep you from pulling all your hair out.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Solid Jeep

AOL user 2008-12-16 12:34:20

Bought this jeep back in '05 and am still using it today. To date, the only issues I have had were a front right wheel hub that needed to be replaced, and a front right window regulator that broke. I was not to pleased about the window, but the wheel hub issue is not unheard of for a vehicle with over 120k+ miles. Never had transmition/engine/exhaust/break problems of any sort. Rock solid vehicle in general.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Are you Kidding???

2007-11-02 05:13:59

I guess I won't depend on your reviews. You hve to be out of your minds. Had a 99 which they had to buy back because of extensive severe reliability and safety problems. Chalked it up to 1st model. I was fool enough to believe them when they said they fixed the problems and fool enough to buy a 2000. Still had problems though less severe than the first one. I never was able to trust that car either. I too was tired off being at the shop or hearing "We were unable to duplicate the problem". When the answer to the lock lifters going for the second time in 69,000 miles was - "Well, that's about right, that's how long they last" it pushed me over the line -I got rid of it while it was still running. If a company is going to build a car where you only get 34,000 miles out of a part, and know it, I don't want any part of the vehicle. I am old fashioned and feel that parts should be built to last. I own an Acura now and have had NO issues. Even though I loved the looks of my Limited and loved driving it, I will never ever own another Daimler/Chrysler product again. Do not believe the review or DC! If reliability and staying away from endless problems is important stay away

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I love my Grand Cherokee

2007-08-18 11:13:40

My 1999 Grand Cherokee has served me very well. I have 90,000 mile on her and she has served me very well with NO problems at all. My daughter had a Jeep which she finally retired after 200,000 miles

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Never Again

2007-08-18 07:56:21

After owning 2 Jeep Grand Cherokees(87 and 99) I won't buy again....My first one was great, no problems...but when they redesigned in 99, I had nothing but problems with brakes, rotors, transmission, etc...and as far as i know, they haven't resolved them...It's too bad because I love the style ...Wish Jeep Cherokee was made by Toyota! Now that would be priceless!

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Review of 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2007-08-18 07:08:48

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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