1999 INFINITI Q45 Reviews

1999 Q45 New Car Test Drive


New styling gives the Infiniti Q45 a fresh look for 1999. It looks like a thoroughbred and has performance to match. This big sedan features instant throttle response and excellent handling. 

Infiniti's luxury flagship has to be good because its combatants are the elite: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Cadillac, Lexus. The people who make these cars and the people who buy them are serious about their luxury cars. That's why there's a lot of punching and rolling around and, yes, some name calling in the attempt to get your name on the bottom line. 

Arguably, no one is fighting this battle harder than Infiniti. How? By building a very good car without the instant cachet of a Mercedes or BMW. Infiniti's Q45 is powerful, quiet, roomy and comfortable. These qualities combined with its performance, handling and distinctive styling are what separate the Q45 from these other vehicles. 

First launched 10 years ago, the Q45 has undergone refinements ever since. In addition to revised front and rear exterior styling, this year's Q comes with new comfort and convenience amenities. The Q45t features a new electronically modulated suspension with driver-selectable settings, along with 17-inch wheels and tires. 

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