1999 INFINITI G20 Reviews

1999 G20 New Car Test Drive


Infiniti has reintroduced its G20 to the U.S. market with a highly tuned suspension. This car has been selling well in Europe the past few years where it has received rave reviews for its handling characteristics. The UK's Car magazine called it 'one of the 10 best handling cars in the world.' We're also impressed with the handling of this car. 

This car is sold as the Nissan Primera in Europe and our first impression of the Infiniti G20t was of a well-engineered Nissan sedan. When trimmed in cloth, the interior is smartly designed and highly functional, but not really luxurious. (It looks more upscale with leather.) Its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, found in the Nissan Sentra SE, is a solid engine, but it's rough and noisy when compared to a Honda/Acura engine and lacks power at low rpm. 

Our opinion took a 180-degree turn at the racetrack, however. We quickly found the new Infiniti G20 a better companion for driving fast than either an Audi A4 or a Mercedes-Benz C230. Infiniti's new sedan inspires confidence and makes its driver feel like a hero. 

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