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A Great Work Truck

2009-08-16 15:37:24

Really, my truck was a 1997 F-350 XL Reg. Cab. 1999 was as far back it would go. But anyway, about 13 years ago I opened a construction business. I purchased a 1997 Ford F-350 XL 4X4 Reg. Cab with a 7.3L Power Stroke V8. This truck had nothing wrong with it for years. It was hauling such heavy things that the rear end would be sagging way low. It did hard work like this for 11 years. Then I started having problems with it. Sometimes it just wouldn't start and all of these little problems added up to be a big problem. I worked the truck for 1 more year and sold it to a friend. He had a mechanic fix it and it's still running. Then I purchased a 2007 F-250 XL Super Duty with a Reg. Cab and a 6.0L Power Stroke V8. This trucks got 45,000 miles on it so far and is only 3 years old. I've had no problems out of this truck and don't think I will for a long while. Ford makes the best trucks in my opinion. Rock on Ford!!!

1999 Ford F-350

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