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Dodges are dogs

2008-10-24 15:12:37

I own a 97 Dakota that I got used. I have had absolutely nothing but problems with it. The CC only works on occasion. The interior lights only work when they want despite pressing the buttons. The AC doesn't work (very common problem.) The brakes are toast (very common problem with warping) and aren't adequate even when brand new. The ball joints and hub have gone out (very common problem.) The heater works at about 20% (very common problem.) I baby my truck and expect it to work for me. Despite all of these very common problems, Dodge absolutely will not issue any recalls so I'm stuck with thousands of dollars in repairs, to parts that should last a very long time, each year. I guess I should have learned my lesson after having owned a similarly junky Neon. Having owned two Dodges, I can clearly see why the American auto industry is in shambles. They produce absolute junk with no innovation and they refuse to stand by their products.

1999 Dodge Dakota

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