1999 Chrysler Sebring Reviews

1999 Sebring New Car Test Drive


If you're in the market for a mid-sized sporty coupe, there's a good chance that you're open to compromise. Sure, you want a car that will hustle in a pinch, give you a little rush when you're out on the twisties and make your heart go tweet-tweet when it's just lounging around in the driveway. 

But you're not willing to accept a buckboard ride or skimp on backseat-legroom for your kin. So you're willing to give up a little in the road-burning department in return for comfort. And while you're not on a budget in the strict sense, you'd still like to get out the door for under $25,000. 

That's where the Chrysler Sebring Coupe comes in. The Sebring coupe achieves a pleasing middle ground between the hot, cramped Mitsubishi Eclipse and the roomier, less nimble Chevy Monte Carlo. 

The Sebring Coupe and its cousin, the Dodge Avenger, provide a smooth, quiet ride, ample legroom in front, a back seat that's big enough to keep folks from getting cranky on long hauls, and a suspension stiff enough to keep the tires planted in corners. 

Chrysler introduced the Sebring as a 1995 model. For 1999, the company has added next-generation dual air bags, body-color mirrors and wheels for the LXi model, and two new colors, plum and shark blue. Chrysler's Sebring Convertible is America's best-selling convertible and it isn't hard to see why. It offers nimble performance that makes it a joy to drive. A well-designed top makes switching between good and bad weather a breeze. It's practical and roomy enough for four to travel in comfort. And its elegant styling has held up well, even though it is going into its third year of production. 

Dozens of refinements went into the Sebring Convertible last year. This year, the model line has been streamlined. All Sebring Convertibles now come standard with the V6-the four-cylinder engine that came on the base JX model is no longer available. And many of the popular options are now standard on the JX. 

1999 Sebring Convertibles are distinguished by Chrysler's new winged badge. Next-generation driver air bags were installed for increased safety. 

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