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1999 Camero 3.8 V-6

tird 2009-12-02 05:51:28

Let me start out by saying that I owe my life to this car. More about that later. I had 160,000 miles on the ticker. I replaced the alternator, water pump, battery and rear shocks. I changed the oil every 10,000 miles. I was on the second set of tires. This car was the cheapest vehicle I ever owned. It just kept going and going and the day it and I parted ways it ran like new. The brakes are capible of leaving your teeth in the windshield. The handling was very predictable. The 3.8 is no powerhouse but is capible of getting the car to it's electronic speed cutoff in short order. The only bitch I had about the car was the poor compfort of the seats. After about 40 miles there was no amount of squirming that would take the pain away. I drove it 37 miles each way to and from work. Geez! The body panels never lined up very well when new and after looking at other V-6 models I saw the same thing. Seems that GM saved the best panels for the Z-28's and put the junk on the V-6's. So if your buying one don't worry too much about body panel alighnment being the giveaway for them being hit cause again GM screwed the customers. Now lets get down to the lifesaver part. I know most buying this car are probably young and this will be your first car. Having said that these things crash very well. I was in Delaware going south on 495. I was doing about 65. I ******* by a tractor trailer that was doing about 95. The rear of the car was driven into the rear tires. We spun and went head on into a guardrail. There were pieces of that car all over the road for 100 yards. Having said that the only damage to the passenger cabin was a slight bend in the rear seat flooring. A GM engineer pulled over and was praising the car's ability to shed the energy of impact and told me that it performed exactly as designed. My wife and I walked out of the hospital 4 hrs after the accident. Those who saw pictures of the car couldn't believe we were still alive. Thank You GM. OK Mom's and Dad's?

1999 Chevrolet Camaro

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