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Great car

2008-10-11 12:06:04

Bought this after a bad experience at trying to go cheaper with a $2000 Saturn that was dying at lights and when reversing, so traded the Saturn in for next to nothing and got this Buick. This car, at 30 freeway and 19 city rating got 25mpg over two periods of mix freeway city. Very good. That dying Saturn got 33mpg over the same stretch of going to work. The engine, which another site rated at 7.9 seconds 0-60 is all solid guts. This times I needed to speed up to insert, no prob at all. The reactions of the car are great; it is not a sports car feel, more comfortable, but when someone was changing lanes into me, it was immediate response. For a 10 year old car, this one had 51700 miles, and the paint perfect, just some oxidation on the bumper which I will try to do about. Excellent car.

1999 Buick Regal

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