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Why Do My Brakes Squeal?

Dear Tom, Every time I hit the brake pedal, my brakes make this awful high-pitched squeal. When I stop at a light I get stares from people. It's embarrassing! I just had the brakes done last month, so why are they squealing? Help! Melissa from Manhasset, NY Melissa, Take your car back to the shop. Sounds to me like the pad insulators, anti rattle clips, or calipers are loose. The squeal you hear i

Oil Changes: Where Should I Get Them Done?

Can I Save Money By Changing My Oil At A Quick Lube or Should I Take It To The Dealership?

Dear Tom, I own a 2008 Ford Taurus. The dealership told me that I should take my car to them to have the oil changed to insure that my warranty stays intact and that the proper oil and filter are used. I don't like to go to the dealer because I have to make an appointment and wait. I prefer to go to my local Jiffy Lube where I can get in and out quickly. What is your opinion? Janet from Los Angele

Oil Changes: How Often?

Do you really need to change your oil every 3 months/3000 miles?

I have been in the auto repair industry since 1972 ... hummmm, a simple calculation of the math illustrates that I have been in car repair for, uh, well, let's not go there. It makes me depressed. You do the math and keep it to yourself. At any rate, enough about my mid life crisis. Let's talk about oil change intervals.For years the accepted oil change interval (as per the carmakers) has been eve

Is Synthetic Oil Better?

I've been getting a lot of mail regarding using synthetic motor oil in vehicles. Questions such as: Should I use synthetic oil? Does it work better in some cars than others? Does it cost more? Do I have to change the oil more frequently? Less frequently? Does it make my engine last longer? First of all, let's take a brief look at the history of synthetic motor oil and its introduction to the marke

Auto Repair: Should You Use a Dealer or Independent Shop?

For years people have asked me this question quite frequently ... what kind of shop should I use for automotive repairs, a dealership or an independent shop? I have shied away from answering it because I see benefits both ways and, no matter how I answer it, someone always gets offended. I can no longer duck the question because it comes up so frequently from people everywhere. Readers in the US a

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