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Dutch police are training eagles to murder illegal drones

A Dutch firm is working with the Dutch National Police using trained raptors to target consumer-sized drones and knock them out of the sky.

A Datsun 240Z should be your next classic car

Whether you're a first-time classic car buyer or a diehard collector, the sexy RWD coupe with a straight-six is too charming to ignore.

Pro tips for driving in the Southern snow from a Northerner

Are you in the path of Winter Storm Jonas, about to swing through the Southern states? Take these winter driving tips from a Northerner and keep your cool.

Why North Korean nuclear missile trucks use US diesel engines

Or How An American-Powered Chinese Logging Truck Hauls The DPRK's Arsenal

​​Thanks to some fascinating research, we have some idea of how this behemoth dodged China's strict export restrictions and made the trip to North Korea.

Cheap gas prices make for short memories

Gas prices could stay below $3 a gallon through the end of 2016. But then what?

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Why Nevada has become ground zero for EV manufacturing

The Silver State is suddenly positioned to become a locus of the fledgling American electric car industry.

Cop jumps on runaway semi to save driver

A deputy in Norfolk, Nebraska jumped into a moving semi to stop the truck after the driver became incapacitated and lost control of the vehicle.

The Wayray Navion is a VR projector for your windshield

This is how augmented reality might leap out of our possible future into our present, thanks to one consumer-friendly little device.

Chinese university builds brain-controlled car

Computers translate brain signals into motion. The driver's brain can even control the brakes and the door locks.