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AMG Challenge proves a challenge

I recently received an e-invite from Mercedes Benz to attend their 2005 AMG Challenge. The list of activities sounds

Automotive Rhythms sounds familiar

The influence of African Americans and other

Spot the car

Wolford is like Victoria's Secret, only classier. To prove the point, the company's latest

Mercedes Chief: "Cut bait and fish"

That's not an exact translation, but Mercedes boss Eckard Cordes is determined to slash MB's fixed costs to raise the company's profitability. In fact, Herr Cordes vowed to trim another 1b Euros ($1.3b) on top of the previously promised 3b Euros ($4b). Unless employees at the three-pointed star are eating off of gold plates, or Merc is about to return to its disastrous policy of "de-contenting" its cars, it's hard to know where he'll find the savings. (One gue

Small cars lose big in side impact test

After shoving a deformable barrier into 16 small cars

Lord finds God clearing snowy windshield

The Rev. Dr. Clayton Lord, pastor of the First Baptist Church in

Remote reality racing is born

The Arizona Republic reports that Scottsdale resident Jim McCabe has devised a new

New York clamper spikes again

The Poughkeepsie City Council

Reliability losers listed

Bankrate.com wants you to know that automotive

BMW lends 420 7-series to IMF

We're not one of those people who believes that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a not-so-secret cabal of bankers that wants to rule the world. (The fact that they actually do rule the world is beside the point.) What worries us is that BMW thinks enough of the organization to provide delegates to the IMF's Singapore schmoozefest with 420 brand new 7-series sedans, as part of a $10m "sponsor

Subaru website: Heaven and Hell

Subaru has launched their new website,

BMW's Bangle a Better Bet?

Well now I've heard everything. Wardsauto.com wordsmith Drew Winter figures that BMW's return to less radical styling— after the near universal condemnation afforded designer Chris Bangle's "flame surfaced" 5 and 7-Series models— is a mistake. He likens the German automaker to an over-cautious investor, who gets stiffed in the end (so to speak). Winter also claims that the Banglization of the 7-Serie

Range Rover's range topper gets blower

The Range Rover is a heavy old thing. On the positive side, its 6724lbs. GVWR exempts the SUV from US luxury tax. On the negative side, it's on-road performance will not trouble an eight-cylinder BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne. So it's no suprise that Land Rover has slotted sister Jag's supercharged V8 into its top-of-the-line Range Rover. Auto Express reports that peak power rises fro

Feds R Us: US Marshalls to sell "forfeited" high end cars

Driving an exotic car confiscated by US Marshalls offers a lot of street cred. Think of

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