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In a remarkable vote earlier this week, the U.S. Senate voted to end ethanol subsidies which total about $6 billion each year. It's great progress to see our lawmakers finally bringing some pragmatic fiscal and environmental common sense to the rag tag elements of transport energy policy.

Connected And Networked Electric Vehicles Have The Potential To Make EVs Viable Without Huge Incentives.

Markets are great – but the true costs of our fuel choices are not reflected in the price

We've all heard the predictions of thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) stranded along the roadside, creating real world-victims of the dreaded "range anxiety" phenomena. Most drivers will never experience this, but if you're unfortunate enough to actually get stuck on the side of a road with an EV with no juice, Club Assist and your local auto club might be ready to ride to the rescue with their portable Level 2 emergency charging unit. Just like the emergency gallon of gas provided by traditio

2011 Chevy Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

EDTA Chief rejects Euro-style interventions for EV market growth

Smaller players will struggle with lack of scale, yet have products on sale. Larger established manufacturers are late to the game, but have massive resources. Who is going to win the EV race?